Is It Safe To Visit My Dentist?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in unprecedented situations in all areas of our life and visiting the dentist is no different.

However, our workplace is a little different to most others.

Here, we protect ourselves from infectious diseases every day and so we are prepared. Our Practice follows the Infections Guidelines recommended by the Australian Dental Association and the Government without any exceptions.

If there were any breaches of our Infection Control Policy or if the cleaning and maintenance actions and schedules of our Practice were not being followed 100% by our staff, this would be regarded as very serious and the staff member involved would face disciplinary action … but all our staff are wonderful and your safety and protection are their first and main concern.

These are some of the ways we protect you, and ourselves, everyday:

  1. Any instrument which is used during your treatment is cleaned and sterilised.
  2. There are things which can’t be sterilized such as:
    • the gloves your Dentist and Dental Assistant wear
    • the masks
    • the cup you use
    • the bib your wear
    • plus there are some other items

These are designated as “one-use” items under the rules of Infection Control and are disposed of at the end of your appointment– they are not washed and re-used.

Infection Control Guidelines are extensive and we follow them with no exceptions

3. Around the Practice we follow a strict cleaning regime which is recorded and monitored. You will see the checklists we use on the walls within the surgery. But the surgery is not the only place which has strict standards, the entire Practice is systematically and regularly cleaned to high standards.

With the onset of Covid-19 we have done extensive reading and research about what helps and we have implemented additional measures to help protect you and our staff

  • All commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, taps etc are being additionally wiped clean with bleach – which we have been told will kill the virus.
  • Prior to your treatment commencing you will be asked to rinse your mouth with a solution containing oxidative agents which reduces the salivary load and therefore the risk of Covid-19 becoming airborne from your treatment, should you unknowingly have the virus
  • We have removed toys and magazines from the waiting room to remove areas of possible transmission. 

The measures above are current recommendations and we are actively and constantly looking to improve as more information becomes available

We ask that you help us remain open by ensuring you:

  • Practice good cough and sneeze etiquette whilst within our premises
  • Comply with social distancing recommendations in the waiting room and with our receptionist
  • Reschedule your appointment if you are feeling unwell

Despite the closures which are bound to occur within the community, our Practice will remain open as it is regarded as an essential service. You are welcome to make and attend appointments as you feel comfortable