How To Improve Your Smile With Dental Implants

What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. Your dentist places them directly into your jawbone, where they provide an artificial replacement for the root of your missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants support crowns or dentures, in a similar way that roots support natural teeth. Why would I need a dental implant? Tooth loss can […]

How To Avoid Lunch Box Dilemmas

This is a stressful time for students returning back to school, worried about friendship groups, grades, sports, how will it work…don’t add lunch box drama to the list. As schools are re-opening across Melbourne again, things will soon go back to normal and we can finally regain the welcome familiarity of routine. Unfortunately, whilst we’re […]

Covid-19 Stage 3 Restrictions What It Means At The Dentist

At the start of business on Friday March 27th 2020, the Government implemented Stage 3 Restrictions within the dental industry. These restrictions have been put in place to reduce the transmission risks of COVID-19. Thankfully, our workplace, like many other dental and medical Practices, maintains a strict Infection Control Policy. This is complemented by our […]

Is It Safe To Visit My Dentist?

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in unprecedented situations in all areas of our life and visiting the dentist is no different. However, our workplace is a little different to most others. Here, we protect ourselves from infectious diseases every day and so we are prepared. Our Practice follows the Infections Guidelines recommended by the Australian […]

Dental Phobia – Why There’s No Reason To Be Afraid Anymore

Fear of the dentist is extremely common. If you have had an unpleasant dental experience at any time in your life, it is understandable that you may be apprehensive about seeing the dentist, even if you are in pain. Not attending dental check-ups can lead to preventable issues like cavities, plaque accumulation and tooth decay. […]

Healthy Foods & Drinks That Are Actually Bad For Your Teeth

If you are what you eat, that’s even more true for your teeth and gums. Drinking and eating starchy or sugary foods, means you’re not only feeding yourself, you’re also feeding the germs (bacteria) that can cause tooth decay and gum disease in your mouth. When we think of bad foods for our teeth, we instantly […]

‘Tis The Season For Tooth Cavities!

Christmas is almost upon us again and for most of us, ’tis the season for a little more indulgence! Chocolate, cake, chips, Christmas pudding, custard, endless bowls of sweets – you name it, we munch it. Drinks are flowing, nibbles are being passed around, and our nearest and dearest from far and wide are coming […]

Everything You Need To Know About Children’s Dental

At Riversdale Dental we believe in preventative dental care and encourage our patients to bring their children to the practice as soon as their teeth start to show. This can be as early as 4 months. Our caring and friendly team is well experienced in children’s services, and as parents themselves, they understand the challenges. […]

The Evolution of Dentures

The First Dentures Dentures trace their roots back to around 700 BC when the Etruscans of ancient, northern Italy made the first false teeth out of human or animal teeth tied together with gold wires.  The materials they used were not likely to stand up to the pressure placed on teeth during eating and were […]

Root Canal Therapy: A Misunderstood Treatment to Restore Your Smile

Root Canal Treatment- Riversdale Dental

You’ve probably heard a few myths about root canal therapy. As a commonly misunderstood treatment, root canal treatments have a reputation of being one of the most painful endodontic procedures. However, many myths about root canals are simply not true. Below, we’re setting the record straight on three misconceptions surrounding this procedure and the latest […]