How can I pay?

We require full payment after each appointment and so to make this convenient for you we accept all methods of payment and have no surcharges on credit cards

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX
  • Diners
  • JCB
  • Bankcard
  • Cash and Cheque

We can also process your Health Insurance Extras claim on the spot

Do you offer payment plans for larger accounts?

Yes, we offer a number of different options for payment of larger accounts, from splitting payment across the entire treatment course to a more formal arrangements.

We also offer MacCredit for those times when there’s a bit more treatment required than expected!

Healthcare rebates

At the time of your appointment we can process all Dental Extras claims on the spot by using HICAPS

We are not affiliated with any Insurance Company as a preferred provider

Insurance companies made a $3.4 billion surplus in just the last three years but have your rebates gone up?

If you wish to lodge a complaint about your rebate or fund go to the Australian Dental Association’s website time2switch and lodge a complaint

Are you a preferred provider?

“Preferred Providers” are not actually preferred because of their dental ability but because they meet the fee criteria set by the Health Fund and have agreed to be contractually bound to the health fund.

We are not a Preferred Provider. We prefer to look after your teeth by providing the best and most appropriate treatment according to your experienced and qualified dentist – not by a rule book.

How much does a filling cost?

There are many factors when deciding which is the correct item code and therefore the cost of a filling

  • Which tooth (front/back)
  • How big or deep is the hole (small/large)
  • There are five surfaces on a tooth (Top and four sides) – How many are affected by the hole?

And so it goes on…

As a general guide, prices for a filling range from $140 to $400 (per tooth)

How much does a check-up scale and clean cost?

A check-up varies from $57 – $74 depending on the age of the patient

Each x-ray is $44

There are many factors when deciding on the appropriate scale and clean item number but mainly it is affected by how dirty your teeth are:

  • If you have your teeth cleaned professionally every six months, you floss once a day and brush twice a day with exceptional technique – your scale and clean may be $94
  • However, if you get your teeth cleaned professionally every six months but never floss, have a late supper before bed and brush quickly – you could be looking at $180 for a scale and clean

So a check-up, scale and clean can range from $171 – $342

A good incentive to look after your teeth!

Do you have on-site carparking?

Yes we do, entry is off Trafalgar Road.

There is also plenty of on street parking around us but be sure to read the signs