Missing teeth can cause many problems ranging from smiling differently to affecting your ability to chew properly but there are also other negative consequences if you don’t do something about it:

  • Neighbouring teeth can start tilting into the empty space
  • Your bite can be affected and your ability to chew is reduced
  • Lips and cheeks may collapse towards the space, making you look older
  • The jaw bone may shrink where the tooth is missing

There are a number of solutions which include implants, crown and bridge and dentures.

From less complex to very complex issues, the great news is that just about every aesthetic dental problem can be solved however solutions can vary considerably in cost, effectiveness and treatment times.

Our dentists are able to explain all the options to you and talk with you about which ones best suit your oral hygiene routines and therefore have the greatest chance of success. We can then provide a print out of treatment costs for each option which you can take home to contemplate which option suits you, your work and your budget best.