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Childrens Dentist in Camberwell

Children don’t like visits to the hospitals and they certainly don’t look forward to going to their dentists. As children’s dentists in Camberwell, this is something we know. We also know that among other health checkups and doctor’s appointments, dental checkups for children don’t often get priority. But it’s important that children – from when they start developing teeth to their teenage years – get regular dental checkups as they are particularly vulnerable to certain dental problems.

Dental Problems that Affect Children

If there’s one thing that children can’t say no to, it’s anything with sugar. Aerated drinks, sodas, juices, ice creams, cakes, and chocolates are just some of the things that most children love consuming. But this has the potential to lead to some serious dental problems. Chief among those are cavities.

If not thoroughly cleaned in time, sugar debris tends to accumulate in children’s teeth. These lead to the formation of bacterial infection over time. If not detected and properly treated, these result in cavities, something quite painful for children. Therefore, if children start complaining about tooth sensitivity or toothache, you should immediately schedule a visit with our Camberwell dentist.

There are other dental problems that you should be on the lookout for. If there is a family history of gum disease, you should arrange for regular dental checkups. Gum disease affects the tissue surrounding a tooth and progressively weakens it. This destabilizes the tooth, causing a lot of pain for children. You can check for gum disease at home by looking for any red spots, inflammation or swelling in your child’s mouth.

As their teeth are in their growth phase, children also face problems of crowded teeth. With periodic dental checkups at Riversdale Dental, it will be easier to spot them early.

How Often Should Children Visit The Dentist?

A child with a toothache can keep a family awake the whole night. To avoid that, it’s important to practice dental hygiene at home. Make sure that children brush twice a day. Keep in mind that they should only be using brushes with soft bristles. If they don’t like it, make it more enjoyable by choosing a colored brush. You could also start brushing with them, to make it a routine.

Importantly, ensure that they don’t eat or drink things with too much sugar in them. When they do, encourage them to brush their teeth afterwards. After every meal, suggest that they thoroughly rinse their teeth to get rid of food debris.

If they start complaining of uneasiness or sensitivity, do not take it lightly. Do a minor inspection of the teeth to figure out the seriousness of the problem and book an appointment with our Camberwell children’s dentist at the earliest. To avoid dental conditions from becoming serious problems that may necessitate tooth extraction or similar procedures, you should make periodic dental checkups a priority. Along with your bi-annual dental checkups, you should also get your children’s teeth and mouth checked for any signs of trouble.

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