COVID Safety

Riversdale Dental routinely maintains the highest standards of infection control. Additional COVID-19 infection control measures are already in place.

Our policies are strictly enforced to prioritise the health of our patients and staff, their families and the wider community.

These safety practices include:

  • Adhering to or exceeding all government COVID-safety hygiene guidelines
  • ‘Fogging’ the Practice with an antiviral disinfectant solution which conforms to TGA guidelines and standards.
  • Frequent cleaning of all high-touch surfaces
  • QR code sign-in
  • Provision of Hand sanitiser
  • Social distancing
  • Reduced waiting room seating/capacity
  • Patient health screening

Supplementary infection control policies are also in place in our staff-only spaces.

Maintaining an infection-free environment relies on mutual honesty and cooperation.

Please call us to re-schedule your appointment if you:

  • are showing flu-like or respiratory symptoms
  • have been in contact with an infected person
  • have been advised to isolate while awaiting test results
  • have attended an exposure site within the last 3 weeks
  • have recently returned home from overseas (less than 3 weeks ago)

If you have any queries regarding an upcoming appointment, please contact us on 9882 5566.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation.