We Are Dedicated To Our Young Patients

We know how traumatic it can be for a child when they lose or damage a tooth. The good news however is that at Riversdale Dental we prioritise dentistry for children. In fact, all our dentists are highly qualified children’s dentist in Camberwell who are skilled, enormously experienced and totally dedicated to treating young patients.

One of the most upsetting accidents is if your child should lose or damage a tooth. Our advice is that you should contact your dentist in Camberwell without delay. We will make an urgent appointment for the young patient to see our specialist paediatric team so that they can check everything out.

We’ll check that the loss of the tooth has not caused damage to the gum, or that there are no remnants of the tooth still lodged within the gum.

Our children’s dentist in Camberwell will also inspect to confirm that the loss of the tooth will not affect the development of ‘second teeth’ and we’ll also check out the adjacent teeth to ensure that there is no additional damage.

If the tooth is broken and not lost, we can usually fix a junior filling so that the damage does not become infected, causing decay along with unnecessary pain and distress for your child.

So if your child is unfortunate enough to lose or damage a tooth then please call Riversdale Dental on: (03) 9882 5566 as soon as possible. The sooner the better!

In the meantime we recommend:

Put the Tooth in a Ziplock Bag: Once your child has pulled the tooth out, it is a good idea to have a ziplock bag handy. Keeping the tooth in the bag will make it easier to hold on to until the tooth fairy comes.

Wipe Your Child’s Gums: More often than not, after the tooth has been removed there is blood. Wipe your child’s gums with a soft cloth or gauze as soon as you notice the blood. Cleaning up the area will help prevent a bad taste in their mouth and cause them less panic when seeing blood.

The childrens dentist in Camberwell team at Riversdale Dental take very special care of young patients and are especially talented at helping even the most nervous of children to relax.

The extra attention we take to care for and reassure children today, helps to ensure that in the future they won’t associate visits to the dentist with pain or stress.

It’s a fact that most children love sweet foods and drinks and this unfortunately can lead to tooth decay. Riversdale Dental in Camberwell is at the very forefront of technology to help care for children’s teeth and we are one of the very few dental practices that can provide fissure sealant to help prevent food from becoming trapped in tiny grooves and fissures – a leading cause of tooth decay in kids.

Not only that, but we also pass on invaluable advice on how to protect your children’s teeth from needless tooth decay and disease.

So … it’s hardly surprising that more and more parents are now referring their friends to the childrens dentist in Camberwell team at Riversdale Dental.

For lost teeth, damaged teeth, dental decay, plus of course for all routine dentistry, Riversdale Dental is the leading dentistry for children.

If your child has a dental problem, whatever it may be, then please make an appointment with your dentist in Camberwell and let us provide the perfect, pain-free, fuss-free and stress-free solution. 

To make an appointment you can call us on (03) 9882 5566 or you can book online by going to the Contact page on our website.